Chris J. (Beaverton, OR)

November 21, 2013 By

“I don’t know how ANYONE could have anything bad to say about these guys. This is to date the ONLY stand-up automative repair shop I’ve ever found. Most mechanics will lie to you and treat you like an idiot while they try to sell you on a bunch of things you don’t need. Darby and the guys at Autohaus are as honest as they come. For once a good mechanic who doesn’t try to sell you the entire time.

I took my BMW M3 here to have a new DME aligned with the EWS on my car. Darby talked shop with me (I’m a very knowledgeable DIY mechanic myself) for a good 30 minutes while one of the techs aligned the DME. They were done with it in around 40 minutes and they only charged me $50! On top of that they inspected my car for any issues and topped off all the low fluids.

I do most of my mechanic work myself but anything big I’ll definitely be going to these guys for. I honestly can’t even begin to say how refreshing it is to know that there are honest mechanics out there such as Darby. If the world had more guys like him mechanics wouldn’t get such a bad rap.

Anyways, I highly recommend these guys. The shop is clean as hell, they are super friendly, and they won’t try to take you to the cleaners like so many mechanics out there!

I love these guys!!!”