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German Car Auto Repair in Beaverton | The Ins and Outs of New vs Experienced Techs

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Looking for auto repair for your German imported car? What you really need is a group of people who specialize in your vehicle and understand the history of it as well. The problem with a lot of new techs is that the technology has changed so much that they need to be trained how to deal with the older models. What happens when you retrain someone? It adds on labor time and time that the shop needs to pay the tech and the customer has to pay because of it.

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What if the model is a newer model? You still want an experienced tech because they have seen past problems and those past problems can give great insight into what is happening with a newer model. Every vehicle is different because they are all driven differently over different surfaces. What you need is someone who has seen other vehicles with similar problems so they do not have to go look up a manual and study the problem so that they can do the repair. You want someone who has seen it before and goes, "yes, I know exactly what the problem is and this is how we deal with it."

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My Vehicle Was Fixed then the Light Came Back On What Gives? Why Fixing a Problem Might Reveal Other Problems

The other problem that is that fixes on your German car might be a gateway to discovering other problems as well. The truth is that some of what was wrong could have been covering up other problems. For example, if your light comes on and then the techs fix that problem. But, a week later, it comes back on because the system was fixed but a new problem was unearthed. The system was cleaned or repaired now the problem has moved to another area. An experienced person will know where to look for these problems and will know exactly what to look for so that you can get your German car back in the shop and get it fixed as quickly as possible. If the light does not come on right away after the fix then something was unset like debris or dirt that was probably covering up the new problem. It could be a build-up of debris covering up the other problem that suddenly appears a couple of days or a week later. An experienced repair person might try to repair the problem again only to find it was not that problem again. It wastes your time and it makes the repair more expensive because they have to try to figure out what the new problem is instead of having knowledge of where other problems could lie and systematically ruling those out.

Work On Vehicles Other than a German Vehicle is Good Too

You also want someone who has worked on other vehicles because that gives them a wider base of experience from which they can draw. If you have a problem then you want the widest base of knowledge you can get so that they have a wider variety of answers that even a person who worked on just this vehicle for their entire career. Most of the innovation that comes into anything comes from blending answers from something else and bringing it into another field. If you put that thought process into the repair world and it still works. Innovation still comes from knowing something and applying it somewhere where it would not normally be at all.

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