Brian I. (Beaverton, OR)

October 28, 2011 By

“I like the BMW dealership nearby. I truly do. I will even pay their moderately exorbitant price for an oil change, just so I get to drive a brand new BMW loaner. They’ve loaned me 2 different 3 series, a 5 series and even one of the X SUVs. I’m rather easily amused, particularly so by shiny items like cars that aren’t mine.

I don’t like them enough to choose them for my car’s first “Inspection 1” service, though. If you’re familiar with BMW service technology, then you know that Inspection 1 may as well be called “Inspection $$$”. In the case of my car, it requires a moderately intricate valve adjustment, which I have no business doing on my own. Enter Autohaus Bayern. I stopped by one day last week just to kinda feel them out and get a quote for the service. Darby was kind enough to take the time to answer all of my questions while simultaneously assuring me that he definitely knew what he was talking about when it comes to BMW service. Their shop is clean (pretty much spotless), well organized and comfortable. Parking is tight, but there’s tons of room on 109th just to the east, right next to Target.

So, I booked an appointment for the following week for the dreaded service. And, while it did hit the pocketbook substantially, it was less than I would have paid at the dealership, and I’m extremely satisfied with the work. Darby communicated with me about what was happening to my car in a very timely manner. I’m certain that they didn’t unnecessarily charge me for anything, even though I left that window open, so to speak. I’m a happy customer, and can recommend them to fellow BMW owners (and all German cars) with confidence.”