Megan W. (Portland, OR)

July 23, 2014 By

“Recently my 09 Jetta TDI was giving me some funky problems. I was trying to avoid the stealership and my normal shop told me they “couldn’t read the car’s computer…” which struck me as odd. I called Autohaus Bayern and Darby urged me to come in directly after I got out of work as his shop was open till 6pm that night.

I rolled in around 5:30pm and Darby took my Jetta in and ran all kinds of computer readings on it. He was patient with me while I tried to explain the problems I was experiencing. He had me stand next to him while he walked me through the different computer screens & read through the readings the car’s computer gave out.

He had me drop off the car the next morning to be looked at more thoroughly.

In the end, the problems had to be dealt with by the stealership (sad face) but Darby did not charge me at all for the time my car spent in his shop. I received a more-than-thorough explanation for each issue and recommendation for exactly what I needed to tell the dealership in order to have the issues correctly addressed.

I cannot thank Darby enough for this stellar service and treatment. I’ve never felt more comfortable at an auto shop. Amazing. Bravo. Thank you.”