Katie B. (Portland, OR)

June 12, 2012 By

“Having a VW Bug is cute and all but the headlights go out constantly since they’re always on. I changed them out myself last year but that was a pain in the you-know-what and when they both went out again, I decided to take it in.

I also had a turn signal light that was busted and the bumper around it a little wonky. They replaced all three lights for me no problem. They recommended a couple other local businesses to get a couple things fixed (potentially the bumper and a rock chip in the windshield) and were very nice and helpful.

When I first called and talked to them on the phone I felt very comfortable and I think his name was Darby? talked to me about an issue I’m having with my door locking with the key fob and straight up told me how expensive that was to fix and gave me some tips, if I’m able to live with it. I am, and was appreciative of him being straightforward and them not being pushy about having them fix every little thing.

I wouldn’t say they’re *cheap* per se, but I think my idea of cheap is unrealistic when it comes to fixing crap in cars. That shiz is expensive. I’m okay with paying more for a company where I enjoy talking to their employees and I trust my car in their hands.”