Porsche Repair near Portland Oregon

Every tech or mechanic can work on any vehicle if they are properly trained right?

Yes. It is true that any person who is trained properly can, technically, work on any vehicle. However, what they need in order to do the work will vary wildly for the most obvious of reasons. Their experience in working on your vehicle is an obvious difference. If they have worked on vehicles like your vehicle then they will probably have an easier time fixing your vehicle. They will have an understanding of what they need to do to fix your problem before you even get into the repair shop. A plus when you are bringing in a car like a Porsche because, obviously, you want to get behind the wheel of that car as soon as possible. It also has an effect on labor cost. If they need to figure out how to fix your vehicle then that extra time is going to be lumped in with the labor cost and you will not see that you were charged for the time that it took to figure out how to work on your vehicle. You want a person who is skilled at working on Porsches to work on yours and if they are not skilled then you should probably avoid them as much as possible. You spend a lot of on your vehicle and you should get service and repairs that are consistent with how great of a car you bought.

If they do not fix Porsches often then how do they know where to get parts for your Porsche?

Parts are another piece of the puzzle that should be considered. If you want the best and fastest service possible then you should probably consider the possibility that the repair shop does not have a supply line of parts if they do not work on your vehicle very often. Most people ten to believe that repair shops have all the parts they need just laying around their shop. The truth is that most parts that needed for repairs are ordered in because it is impossible to tell what a person might need before they come into the shop. They only stock parts that are super common to carry or of parts of vehicles they see very often. Another great reason you want to work with a specialty repair shop. If you do then there is a greater likelihood that they are already carrying the part for your vehicle. Is this a really big deal? It depends. If you are looking to get your vehicle back and drive it somewhat soon then it is a big deal. If you are ok with them holding your vehicle on the lot until the part comes in then you may not have a big deal on your hands. If you would like it back faster then you have to work with a specialist. They will get the job done faster and they will make fewer mistakes when it comes time to put the part on your vehicle.


How do I schedule an appointment with you?

You can always visit us at 10925 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97006. Calling us at 503-641-4525 is a great way to get a hold of us as well.

What vehicles do you specialize in working on again?

Autohaus Bayern specializes in working on Audi’s, BMW’s, Volkswagen’s, and Mini Coopers. In short, if it is a German vehicle then you will not find a better place to get your vehicle repaired or serviced than Autohaus Bayern.

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