BMW x3 Engine Mount Repair in Beaverton, Oregon

This seems like a few screws and bolts. I can do this repair on my BMX x3 by myself, right?

We would not recommend it. Engines are very heavy. The fact that they are heavy means that replacing an engine mount could be very dangerous. There are several body parts you could crush. If you do not have the engine stable or you do not have the right tools then you should not try this repair by yourself. Do not try to use a jack stand or jack. The weight of the engine can go through your oil pan or even crack something else. You would need an engine brace supporting the engine from the top.

Before we get into all that what is an engine mount? I didn’t even think engines needed mounts. Don’t they just sit there in the vehicle?

The engine mounts hold the engine in place. They keep it from moving while driving. It also means that the setup absorbs vibrations from driving which helps make sure that your engine does not get damaged while you drive. You have, in most cases, at least two engine mounts in your vehicle. You have two ways your engine could be supported by this system. The first way is that the engine will be bolted the subframe or suspended by the mounts on the true frame of the vehicle. The mounts may have other jobs as well. If you have a front wheel drive vehicle then the mounts might also be supporting the transmission and the stabilizers. Finally, the type of mount can vary as there are many different types. You might find your mount or mounts to be solid rubber all the way to the other side of the spectrum which is liquid filled.

Well, what can you tell me about this liquid filled engine mount? My brain can’t comprehend how that would work.

Honestly, most engine mounts do use a liquid core now. It is not as uncommon as you would think. It also might be sturdier than you would expect. The liquid core allows the mount to bend. The bend absorbs vibrations and lessens noises from the engine.

Isn’t there something called an insulator in this thing? How does it work and what does it do if it actually exists?

The composite rubber insert is the insulator. The insulator is usually encased in a housing that looks metallic. It is this piece that creates the mounting surface for the engine and transmission. The way this is set up means that the engine is suspended by composite rubber instead of metal which is beneficial for obvious reasons.

When should I start thinking about having my BMW x3 engine mount replaced or repaired?

If your engine mount fails then you might notice that you have liquid dripping from your mount. You will likely notice noises because your engine is shaking free of its mounts. You might feel vibrations and feel it rattle around. It is possible that you might hear a clunking sound when you drive forward or backward for obvious reasons. However, if you do notice this then you should bring it as soon as possible. It is a signal that your mount is going to break and your engine will move around with nothing to keep it in place. If that happens then you should not drive the vehicle and have it towed in to have it repaired.

Is there a set interval where you can expect this thing to need a repair or something?

Most engine mounts last between 60,000 to 100,000 miles. However, your driving style can affect this mileage. Also, the conditions you drive in and if you garage your vehicle. We cannot forget about traffic accidents. If on visual inspection, the mount looks damaged in any way then it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. If it allows the engine to move at all then it needs to be repaired. Do not hesitate to bring it to a repair facility as soon as you can.

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