2011 VW Touran Fuel Injector Repair in Beaverton, Oregon

I’m pretty handy around the house. I feel like I could handle this myself. Is that true or am I going to be doing something really bad to my vehicle if I try to do this repair on my own?

Unfortunately, the possibility of you damaging your Touran is high if you have never worked on a vehicle before, and/or are trained to do the job. You could actually start a fire. Also, the repair is also pretty tough. It requires that you know how to remove many pieces. The pieces include the intake manifold, fuel rail, injectors, and other components. If you take them apart incorrectly then you can damage the vehicle. If you put them back incorrectly then you could also damage your vehicle.

Is it possible that I can drive this into my repair shop? I mean, in order to get it somewhere I’m gonna have to do something, right?

You should not drive your VW Touran if you think that you have an issue with your fuel injector. A fuel injector that is damaged or non-functioning can cause your vehicle to be very unpredictable when it is driven. You may experience multiple stalls and will not be able to control your ability to accelerate. In fact, your acceleration may occur even when you are not asking your Touran to accelerate which is dangerous for you, your passengers, and other drivers around you. Of course, if your problem has been ignored long enough then there is a high possibility that your vehicle will not start at all.

I’d like to make sure that this is really the problem before I do anything. What are the OBD codes I should be looking out for if I have a problem with my injectors for my Volkwagen Touran?

The codes you are most likely to find are the following codes:

  • P029A: Cylinder 1 – Fuel Trim at Max Limit
  • P029B: Cylinder 1 – Fuel Trim at Min Limit
  • P029D: Cylinder 1 – Injector Leaking

What are things I can expect to experience if my fuel injectors are bad or are going bad? How do I know something is actually going down?

One of the first things to look for is your check engine light. If it starts to illuminate then you probably have some kind of problem. You may also start experiencing things like a noticeable drop in engine power. You may also have misfires at this point. If you allow this to continue then your vehicle will have problems when you try to accelerate and it might vibrate. Your engine may start but stall right after it succeeds.

What does a fuel injector actually do? I mean, I’ve heard of them but I have no idea what they are supposed to do.

They handle the spray of fuel based on what your Touran’s computer requests. A signal is sent every time there is an intake stroke in the engine. If you are trying to accelerate then the fuel injectors send a longer spray than if you were idling at a light.

So, what this thing really does is shoot out pressurized sprays of gas, then?

Put simply, yes. Spraying out pressurized gas is what the fuel injector does, however, that should not undermine the importance of this job. A lot of problems can occur if one of your fuel injectors is damaged.

How many fuel injectors do I actually have in my vehicle?

You have one injector per cylinder in your vehicle engine.

How soon do I need to think about replacing my fuel injectors? Is there a mileage count or a certain amount of time where this needs to be done?

Most people find that they need to change their fuel injectors around 80,000 miles. You can get to that mileage count by following the scheduled/recommended maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. Otherwise, your fuel injectors could go bad earlier than that time frame.

How can I talk to you more about this problem?

If you want to visit us then you can come to our shop during normal business hours at 10925 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005. You can choose to call us instead by dialing 503-641-4525 also during normal business hours.

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